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If you feel as though your injury was the fault of another person, you should schedule a consultation with Tabitha Wooldridge and see what you are legally entitled to as a result of your personal Injury.  Some examples of Personal Injury are:



Criminal Law comes with a variety of situations such as DUI cases, drug accusations, violent outbursts and more.  I can be Your attorney and make every effort to prove your innocence with persuasive skills and knowledge of proper due process.



We can help you through the process an adoption requires from the Kentucky Home Study to the necessary paperwork the social worker would need to finalize the adoption.  Some of the areas of Northern Kentucky Family Law We represent are:


Whether you are considering filing for divorce, requesting child support, or defending yourself in an upcoming legal matter, you will need the help of an experienced Northern Kentucky Attorney.  An experienced attorney will have the ability to understand the situation and provide a great legal strategy for your case. In a defense situation, Tabitha Wooldridge will create a plan on how to proceed in your case no matter what the charges ma be.  If you have any questions about your case, contacting Tabitha Wooldridge a licensed Boone County attorney will be your best move.

Contact Tabitha an experienced Boone County attorney and start working on your case today. The first step in the process is scheduling your initial consultation. During this first meeting, you will have an opportunity to assess the lawyer and vice versa. Tabitha can gauge the probability of winning your case based on the facts at hand.   You have nothing to lose by making contact. Call today or complete an online request for help.