Boone County Child Support

There are two vital components involved in Boone County child support with regard to child custody arrangements after divorce. Child support enforcement and modification are topics that receive a lot of attention from parents with questions about child support orders. Although Kentucky uses a calculation to determine the amount of child support due, the consideration of this amount is important for both parents, and it’s helpful to have an Northern Kentucky attorney guide you through the process.

In order to receive a Boone County child support award, some information will be provided to the courts to determine what amount of award is applicable in your case.  An attorney working for your interests will help ensure the child support award is fair and accurate, reducing confusion and laying out a clear plan.

Noncustodial parents are generally involved in child support orders, since they contribute to the other parent directly on behalf of the child. Child support monies are paid in order to help with any of the finances associated with the child, such as clothing and groceries. The court, in some cases, may also require a form of medical support for the child.

In Kentucky, the Child Support Enforcement Agency is responsible for the administrative management of child support. If child support is not paid, this agency can assist with locating the other parent, enforcing existing child support orders, and collection of past due child support amounts.

Since specific calculations are used to determine the amount of child support in your case, you might assume that moving forward on your own is acceptable. If you don’t obtain the services of an experienced family law attorney for your case, you might not have a child support award that fully reflects your situation accurately. Hiring a Kentucky attorney gives you the peace of mind that the court has completely considered all factors and correctly determined a fair award.


Child Support Order Changes

One common question for parents with existing orders is whether an existing child support award can be increased or decreased. In order for this to happen, it must be demonstrated to the court that a significant change has occurred warranting such an alteration in the child support award. A written request for review to the local child support office initiates the consideration of this request. If the amount of the award is increasing or decreasing by 15% or more, legal action must be taken to officially alter the award. This is a scenario in which you need to retain counsel to ensure that the information and documentation given to the local agency and court are clear about the significant change in situation.

Child support can be a nerve-wracking aspect of a divorce, even after the final divorce decree has been issued.  Child support can have significant impacts on your life whether you are the custodial or noncustodial parent.

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